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Marketing Ainslie Bullion

We’ve worked tirelessly over the last 15 years, helping gold and silver businesses grow. Our experience in digital infrastructure, marketing and brand management is market leading. We’ve helped grow Ainslie Bullion into the 3rd largest bullion dealer in Australia – with plans for even more growth.


So how did we do it?

In summary, lots and lots of hard work. Though there are some key areas of focus that we continue to employ to ensure growth. We’ve also had a keen awareness of the sales process, ensuring we don’t pressure customers unnecessarily.

Search as a base

Search marketing continues to be a powerful force to bring an active audience to your brand. Using a mixture of SEO to drive organic growth and paid search advertising, we’re guaranteed a base level of traffic month to month.

Social to drive the Ainslie Bullion brand

Reaching new audiences in a modern marketing environment will always involve a degree of social marketing. We can see demographics that are positioned to purchase due to their age, sex and many other profile driven data points. We can also see demographics that will be looking to purchase within coming years, which we start communicating with to ensure strong brand recognition later.

Infrastructure innovation

To stay ahead of your competitors you need to start leading the way with how you serve your customers. Innovation needs to focus on efficient purchasing, through channels that your customers prefer using.

We’ve seen a 10 fold increase in mobile purchasing over the last 5 years. As customers become confident making larger purchases from ‘their couch’, we’d anticipate mobile purchasing to be the dominant channel of choice for the next generation.

As the technology around businesses changes, especially soft technology like Google, it is imperative that businesses stay informed and ahead of their competitors with its implementation. Code base standards are updated yearly, so putting aside time to meet current standards is imperative.

Ainslie Bullion Product

Investment into your own bullion product is essential in developing brand. While it’s fine to sell other brands and products, ultimately building your own gold and silver bars, coins and minted products is the greatest way to encourage consumers to discuss your brand everyday.

Customer service

Lastly its imperative to have well trained and professional customer service staffing. Gold and Silver has a poor public impression when it comes to selling. Bad operators and excessive/aggressive security have meant that the customer experience when purchasing is generally negative.

“Many consumers rate the experience of purchasing gold similar to getting your car un-empounded.”

So this leaves a great opportunity to build a service level that stands out. Ainslie have done just that, by creating a unique and enjoyable customer experience, while still respecting security.