Taking a holistic view of brand strategy. Grow with VAUX.

We like to keep things pretty simple. However it’s important to make things as clear as possible to all parties involved. Please take a read of the below, especially before jumping into our marketing packages. If you have any questions, please enquire through support@vaux.com.au

Provision of services

VAUX provides any design, marketing or infrastructure services to the best of its ability. It does not guarantee the successful outcome of any project, though will make every attempt to meet the outcomes set in this document. 


Pricing is guaranteed for the term you agree to. Packages are paid for the month in advance. All pricing includes GST. If you wish to work in a more casual nature, we recommend checking out our casual rates. To obtain our casual pricing, please make contact with us.

Grow Package

This package includes the creation and ongoing management of search advertising specific to Google Ads. Ongoing management includes a) ongoing advert manipulation to achieve best CPC b) ongoing negative keyword removal to achieve better ROI c)ongoing fraud prevention to prevent click farms and competitors from wasting your budget. This package also includes the creation and ongoing management of Social advertising specific to META (Facebook and Instagram). Ongoing management includes a) advert creation (up to 3 campaigns) b) pixel creation to measure conversion c)ongoing fraud prevention to prevent click farms and competitors from wasting your budget. Analytics reporting is provided monthly. Communication regarding your advertising is provided to a single contact, preferably a business manager or director.
Grow packages are built to not exceed 20 contact hours per month. If you account management is close to or exceeding these hours on a regular basis, we will make contact to adjust your package so we can continue to serve your account effectively.

Grow + package

Our grow+ package includes all components of our grow package, with these extras. SEO onpage and SEO offsite services. Onpage work includes optimising your content, website, Google business and other relevant platforms to ensure you meet best practices for Google to see your business. Offsite work includes building links back to your website, magnifying your content to retrieve even better results. Monthly reports are provided that show your current web position, links developed and keyword positioning. Grow+ packages are built to not exceed 10hrs of SEO work + 20hrs of social advertising work. If you account management is close to or exceeding these hours on a regular basis, we will make contact to adjust your package so we can continue to serve your account effectively.

Build+ package

Our Graphic+ package includes Graphic Design and Website Development services*. Graphic Design is defined by a) we will accept any graphic or web based based briefing from you b) we will provide you with an estimate of time this will take to complete c) we have 20 hours maximum per calendar month to complete these tasks.

We will complete any of your graphic design or web requirements, relative to your business. Requests can include print design, digital banners, high impact social ads (stills), basic editing of photography, web landing page layouts, fixing other designs, building websites, fixing websites, extending websites, integrating API or other software. No strategy or marketing advice is provided with this service, but can be requested separately/casually for your business. Services are provided to not exceed 20 contact hours per calendar month. Hours cannot be carried into subsequent months. Hours cannot be allocated to separate or additional businesses. Additional hours can be contracted, or casually purchased.


 – Strategy. Strategy services are provided to you in confidence, for your specific business. Every attempt will be made to use current modelling for design and media placement to ensure best results for your investment. VAUX does not guarantee that any media channel will be able to provide its services in the future. VAUX does not guarantee that any 3rd party provisional service will be able to provide its service in the future.

 – Design. Design services are provided to you, specific to our strategy and brand recommendations, as well as meeting demographic expectations and current media opportunities. As demographics and media change, so will any design that is recommended and built for your business. VAUX does not guarantee any specific engagement KPI or metrics from its designs, though will make every attempt to build designs that reach and engage your demographic.

 – Marketing. Marketing services are provided to you, specific to our strategy and brand recommendations. Marketing ultimately requires the use of a media or medium to deliver communication to your demographic. VAUX does not guarantee the placement of any media, through any third party platform or channel though VAUX will make every attempt to ensure media is engaged to complete and reach the goals outlined in this document.

– SEO services. VAUX cannot provide any guarantee in the number of backlinks it can provide to you. While we will make every effort to find and execute backlinks during your agreed period, we do not guarantee these links will remain in place, as they are held by third parties. Ongpage optimisation is ranked through third party providers, Google primarily. VAUX does not accept any responsibility for any search algorithm changes that Google may make during of after your agreed period of workload. At certain times, VAUX may recommend purchasing certain backlinks from third parties as a method to rank better in Google search algorithms. It is ultimately your decision if you wish to proceed to purchase these backlinks.

– Website development. Development services are provided to you, specific to your briefing/direction. If we have completed web strategy for your business, we will work from this briefing/direction. Code used for your development will meet current global standards through a Google lens. Websites are built with load speed and SEO as a priority. Bespoke or complex web developments must be developed using a framework or code base of our choice. VAUX does not guarantee the effectiveness of any code outside a 6 month code warranty window. Code warranty begins at point of project handover. If any code is found defective within this warranty window, VAUX will rectify this code. VAUX does not take responsibility for any changes that any third party (Google etc) may make to any global code standards and any affect this may have on your website development.

 – Photography and Videography services are provided to you, based on strategy and brand recommendations. Every attempt will be made to produce video and photography with your specific demographic in mind, based entirely around engagement. VAUX does not guarantee any specific engagement metric around the effectiveness of this video or photography.

 – Analytics. VAUX uses third party software from Google to provide analytics services to your business. VAUX does not guarantee the accuracy of the data obtained from Google, nor does it take responsibility for any business outcomes made from decisions from these analytics. VAUX will make every attempt to ensure that analytics provided are accurate and true.

 – Payments. VAUX uses third party payments providers. VAUX does not guarantee the the successful processing of any payment through these platforms, or any third party payments platform. VAUX works closely with third party payment platforms to ensure correct integrations and use of API, giving the best possible payment flow outcome available.

 – Personalisation. VAUX uses data collected from your existing subscribers or customers to deliver better more personalised email. The data collected against your users is built from their engagement with your emails and/or website and your privacy policy will need to reflect this. VAUX can review your privacy policy to ensure you meet current privacy requirements in the country/region you operate in. VAUX does not take any responsibility if you are found in breach of any country privacy laws. If you are unsure what your privacy laws in your region are, please consult with a digital privacy specialist to ensure you meet these requirements before proceeding with any personalisation services.

Digital infrastructure

VAUX uses market leading digital infrastructure, predominantly but not limited to AWS. AWS provides server infrastructure worldwide, and we will generally use servers in the area you wish to reach your audience in. While we highly recommend this infrastructure for your project, we do not guarantee its uptime, nor do we accept any responsibility if any server infrastructure experiences any downtime. We will make every attempt to ensure server uptime through designed redundancy measures.

In the event of any malicious attack on any server infrastructure, VAUX will make every attempt to bring your services back online as soon as possible. Malicious attacks are defined but not limited to DDOS attacks, SQL injections or viruses. VAUX takes no responsibility for any outcomes from any malicious attacks on your server or business. 

VAUX will keep an offline copy of all your relevant code and resources required to either migrate or rebuild your services in the event of a malicious attack. Online versions of any database records are kept in replication to minimise the effect of any malicious attacks.

Payment terms

VAUX standard invoicing terms are seven calendar days. To begin any project or service requirement, we will wait until cleared funds from any invoice have been reconciled against your account. We cannot commit to any service, media or product until funds have cleared. For retained services clientele we generally work either one or three months in advance. 

GST and Superannuation

VAUX invoicing will always include any GST (Goods and Services TAX). Superannuation remains an internal VAUX responsibility, as does any PAYG (company or individual) responsibilities.

Payment schedule for projects

If a payment schedule is not identified, our standard engagement will involve a 30% deposit to begin, a part payment of 40% during the project and a 30% completion payment.

Surcharge on payments

Payments by credit card, or cheque will incur a 2% surcharge. Bank transfers are exempt from any transaction fees.

Holidays and Annual Closures

Each year, VAUX will take public holidays relative to Brisbane, Australia.
The studio will also close over the Christmas period, resting for 2 weeks. Generally this closure will be between 24 Dec to 8th January. Urgent or emergency work will attempt to be catered to. If you have any monthly services committed to during this period, we will generally invoice less during this period unless your media or management is required in an ongoing fashion. We will advise this during the month of December each year.

Timeline of this agreement

Quoted services are valid for 30 calendar days. After this time, permission to extend this agreement and/or pricing will need to be sought by you (the client) and VAUX. VAUX reserves the right to change or re-price any component of this document following this 30 day period. 

Quote or Agreement Amendments

If this document requires any component to be amended, this amendment will be noted and re-issued to all involved parties. VAUX reserves the right to amend this document.

Termination of agreement

VAUX reserves the right to cancel an agreement on the following conditions:
 – Payment is not received in a timeline manner.
 – The client (you) is considered too high a risk
 – The client (you) is found to have engaged in illegal activity.
 – The client(you) is found to have released confidential information.
– A timeline for approving this agreement has lapsed.

In any of the above listed reasons for termination of agreement occur, we reserve the right to pursue legal advice and/or report any suspicious activity to the relevant authorities.

VAUX is wholly owned by Ecopositive Pty Ltd and reports to ASIC.