Social Advertising

Yup, social marketing (and advertising) is all about the power of the pixel. Great photography, engaging animation. Here at VAUX we can build out moving media that makes a) the social consumer pause b) the consumer tap to your website.

The power of Social media

Love it or hate it, social marketing and media is here to stay. And over the last decade we’ve discovered this type of media is fantastic at delivering business advertising results in different ways.

Brand growth through social marketing

Believe it or not, serving ads to consumers repeatedly creates brand recognition. Prior to Social media, this technique was very effectively used through television, radio and newspapers. Today, we can serve much more engaging media through social platforms.

UGC (User generated content)

The modern testimonial. Through video you can now capture the essence of what makes your product or service unique. Simply video your consumers using it. We can help arrange UGC for your business. And combining brand building video and UGC together gives you business the best of both worlds.

Clear cost of acquisition

As with most digital channels, we can clearly see what is working (and what isn’t). This helps greatly from a business perspective as well as a creative perspective. Sometimes creative needs to be tweaked to perform better. Sometimes creative performs well seasonally. Regardless, our dynamic reporting and transparency gives you the ability to see what we see. And if you need help understanding anything, we’re here to answer your questions.

And don’t forget to consider SEO and Search Advertising as part of your marketing mix!

How we work

Our social marketing and advertising management packages are built to be affordable to all businesses. And you can either bring your own creative, or use us to build out brilliant creative as you wish. Contact us to bring your business out of the dark ages, and start discovering new customers today.