Taking a holistic view of brand strategy. Grow with VAUX.

Bullion Perfect

We’ve over 15 years of bullion marketing experience and helped grow Ainslie Bullion into the powerhouse it currently is. And now, we can offer bullion marketing, product and infrastructure design services to your gold and silver business as well.

Why would you choose VAUX?

We’re in for the long haul. We develop brands through great digital marketing, product design/development and digital infrastructure. Always wondered why Ainslie gets all the traffic? Always wondered why people show off their Ainslie bars on social media? We’ve helped make this happen.

Analysis and Strategy

Our Director Steven Vawdrey will sit with you and discuss your brand position, figuring how best to approach your growth into the future. Steven oversees all strategy and implementation – and has an amazing track record for success. As mentioned, we think long term – but we’re also able to help pivot your brand position quickly if required. 

Digital marketing

We employ high level brand development techniques in both search and social marketing. Whether you know your media budget, or need help identifying what you should be spending, VAUX will work with you to ensure your outcomes are met. Concerned about media waste? No problem, we use leading software to ensure click through is unique, bot-free and not wasted. Every piece of traffic sent to your digital platform will be real and keyword focused.

Product Development and Design

The best way to achieve brand traction in the real world, is to develop your own bullion products. VAUX can build out realistic 3D models so you can easily see how your brand can translate into bullion. Brand development through product is tried and tested – and keeps your customers coming back.

KYC, Hedging and Payments

We can ensure your KYC/AML requirements are met and stored accurately, either through 3rd party providers or internal processes. KYC is critical to ensure your business risk is minimised so it must be taken seriously. While we don’t take any responsibility for your KYC/AML, we’ll definitely point you on the right track for your reporting requirements.

VAUX can also help with designing your hedging processes in a semi or fully automated way. This ensures your margin on sale (or buy) is kept clear and simple.

And payments are a second language for us. We’ve built Australia’s leading self reconciling NPP (Osco) payments software, allowing high-risk merchants to accept payments in real-time. This means you can take bank transfer payments instantly through your website, via invoice or via live-chat – and they can all reconcile in real time.

We’ve got this.

We know bullion. Whether you wish to use us to identify how to improve, or use us for your day to day marketing activities – we’ve the knowledge and the resources to ensure your bullion business can stand out from the rest. 

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