Taking a holistic view of brand strategy. Grow with VAUX.

Grow with VAUX.

With 20 years of growing brands and businesses through holistic brand based experiential design, marketing and digital development: make VAUX your first choice for your business brand strategy, SEO and digital marketing needs.

If you're hungry for results, choose VAUX.

"With over 20 years experience in growing business through focused and careful marketing, you're in good hands"

About our services

Holistic Brand Consideration

We take care to clearly understand your industry and competitors before embarking on your brand growth strategy. We've achieved outstanding results for every one of our clients and we guarantee the same for you. Lead by Chief Brand Strategist Steven Vawdrey, with over 20 years of experience and a plethora of business success stories - your business is in good hands when choosing VAUX.

More than pretty pictures

Lets look everywhere.

Whether you’re starting out, or your looking to grow – we look at your entire brand position. From acquisition, to physical engagement and post purchase. We think of everything to help you grow.

Brand Health

Eat well, exercise regularly.

Just like human health, once you’ve found a great doctor you stick with them. Brand health is exactly the same. Honesty &  integrity with the experience to solve problems as they arise.

Transform your business

Stop wasting money on empty media spend. Choose VAUX.

The ultimate transparency. Live reporting 24/7. See what we see with clarity.

Work with the same Senior Strategist month to month to ensure great results.

We've bettered every business we've worked with. Let's work with yours!

Choose the way you want to work, with either casual or retained ongoing services. Contact us today!

VAUX’s primary service is Brand Strategy. We’re uniquely experienced in understanding architectural space, customer touchpoints (digital and real), financial services and AI integrations.

We’re solutions focused and are brave enough to put forward our ideas when working with all clients. 

Design Thought

'Incorporating multiple design industries to better grow your brand'.