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20 years of design thinking. We bring a world of experience to your business.

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We love pretty pictures as much as the next person.

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We build strategy and systems that grow business. Ranging from live price API for your industry, consumer pricing tools, search and social media tools to reach a better audience, payment tools to improve money flow and reduce fees as well as accessing our strategy team for all your business marketing and web development requirements.


As Director, Steven has a lead role in ensuring your business is correctly measured and positioned to grow. He’ll be hands on throughout the entire process and you’ll be talking to him very soon if you book an appointment to discuss your requirements below.

“Whatever your industry, we can help you start seeing real tangible results”.

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"We've been caring for our clientele since 2003. It's not about us being rockstars, it's about providing you with results from your marketing channels. We achieve consistent, measurable results so that you can focus on what's important for your business. "
Steven Vawdrey
Director of VAUX

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Frequently Asked Questions

We think so. Our team responds quickly and accurately to brief, present ideas outside the box when we see opportunity and we’re on point with our communication. 

While we focus on digital infrastructure, marketing strategy and services, creative development – we can also support your business with any graphic design, photographic, videography and social media deployment.

VAUX can work with any size business. As you grow, we can grow with you.

Our rates differ for casual and retained engagement. Contact us directly to discuss your requirements.


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