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We take analytics and search advertising to the next level, so you can see exactly which marketing channel is working for your business. This means better conversion, less media spend and ultimately better business outcomes. We've been using these tools to with mid to large size corporations, and can now supply the same technology for your small business. We're taking the mystery out of digital marketing and placing the control back into your hands.

Click fraud protection. Granular analytics & complete adwords management.

priced from $485 per month. No Contract.

Click Fraud Protection

Click fraud visitation now accounts for approximately 25% of all traffic, worldwide. Some websites experience much higher levels of fraudulent click through (we've seen as high as 80%!). With business paying anywhere from $2-$8 per clickthrough, this can really add up quickly. We stop fraudulent click through and also have these clicks refunded to your Google adwords account.

Fraudulent clicks

Granular Analytics

Traditional analytics providers give a very basic insight into traffic visitation to your website. They are also generally 'linked' to other services (Google analytics vs Google Adwords) so legitimacy of data is sometimes askew. We've seen Adwords traffic reports that are 10x exaggerated for advert to website visitation. Our granular analytics is unbiased and more importantly, measures conversions as a priority. With VAUX analytics, we can see every single touchpoint made by your website visitors, overall trend analysis, conversion attribution, and visitation funnels.

Google - Measuring Conversions. Possible, but takes a lot of effort.
VAUX - Measuring Conversions. Easy. Automatically measure anything onsite.
Google - Attribution. Cannot measure.
VAUX - Attribution. Can measure any media channel to a conversion, easily.
Google - Correlations. Cannot measure.
VAUX - Correlations. Can easily correlate between any activity completed onsite.

Adwords Management

With Google search being the predominant method in reaching activated audiences, modern business must prioritise search marketing across all of their business activities. Adwords requires regular management to ensure it continues to perform well. Sadly, you cannot just 'plug and play' and hope for the best outcomes. VAUX uses it's Click Fraud system and Granular analytics in context with Adwords management for the absolute best results possible. Even better - fraudulent clicks are refunded into your Adwords account, so you get even more bang for your search dollar.

Adwords management

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Client commentary

case study

Business Changing Results

"VAUX click fraud software discovered we had a fraud rate of 80% within our existing search campaigns. Now, every single fraudulent click is blocked, and refunded into our Google account. This alone was business changing - but then seeing even more depth into our marketing with Granular analytics meant we can really make better decisions with our marketing spend. VAUX also reduced our CPC from $15 to $2.80"


Adept plumbing and gas

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"Our Adwords campaigns have never performed better. We've also reduced our social media spend, now we know that conversion is stronger from search and direct visitation. Initially we had no idea what granular analytics could do for us - now we don't know what we'd do without it."


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Conversion measured. Fraud fixed.

"Conversion measurement was a massive priority for us. Until VAUX analytics was installed, we were really flying blind with our digital marketing. We can now see how many visits it takes to become a customer, where they visit from (every time), see trend analysis, funnel success and failure as well as attribution and collective visitor journey analysis. Now we can correctly allocate digital media spend and also better design our website for conversion."



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Cheaper than our previous provider.

"Steve and his team were fast and accurate in their migration from our old providers to VAUX analytics. We moved from 'hoping' with our advertising to 'knowing' within a few short weeks. We now receive very timely reporting with amazing insight into what's really happening on our website. Interestingly, initially we were pretty shocked at the 'real visitation' to our website compared to what Google analytics was previously telling us. We also had no idea that so many clicks were fraudulent!"


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What we do, and how it works

We install a snippet of new code into your website. This activates both our granular analytics and also our click fraud software. This code is very important as it allows us to correctly measure your website visitation. It also allows us to monitor user activity through your entire website. Following installation of our snippet of code, we then setup a Google Adwords account for you. You'll still have access to this new account, and also pay Google directly for your media. This new Adwords account gives us much more control over your advertising so we can fine tune all your search components. We'll build/rebuild all of your adverts within Adwords and then organise a launch date (in case you have existing adverts running in your old Adwords account). Once we are live, you can pause or remove your old Adwords account completely. And that's it! Click Fraud is activated once you begin through our Adwords management, and Granular analytics begins immediately. We'll have reporting coming to you automatically once a month, so you can begin making better decisions on your media spend.

Click fraud protection. Granular analytics & complete adwords management.

priced from $485 per month. No Contract.

installation and engagement

As Director and also head of analytics and marketing, Steven has a lead role in ensuring your business is correctly measured and positioned to grow. He’ll be hands on throughout the entire process and you’ll be talking to him very soon if you book an appointment to discuss your requirements below.

“Whatever your industry, we can start cleaning up your search marketing and help you start seeing real tangible results”.

Ready to move to VAUX?

$220 setup waived for installations before Jan 2020


Skills you can trust

"We've been caring for our clientele since 2003. It's not about us being rockstars, it's about providing you with results from your digital channels. We get consistent, measurable results from granular analytics. That combined with our click fraud software and attention to detail with our Adwords management equals our customers continued success."
Steven Vawdrey
Director of VAUX
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Frequently Asked Questions

We install a snippet of code into your website. This activates our granular analytics and our click fraud software. We then migrate you to our Adwords management and we’re done!

Automatic reporting is sent once a month for you. Granular analytics needs around a month to begin seeing trend and other analysis components.

Yes. It really is!
We see an average of 15% fraudulent clicks within all campaigns, with some reaching as high as 60%! We clean all these up, while providing granular analytics reporting and Adwords management on top of that!

While VAUX is an analytics business, we can help with web development and creative services when required. Just contact us through the below details to discuss your project.

No – VAUX analytics works on a month to month basis. We do find that our click fraud and analytics services do perform even better over the longer term, but you can always finish your services term whenever you like.

VAUX analytics comes packaged with click fraud software, granular analytics/reporting and Adwords management for AU$485/month

If you’re paying an Adwords manager in excess of $500 a month, without the above… VAUX analytics can change your life.


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